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Sableye Bot Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is written to detail the data collected by Sableye Bot versions 4 and above (the "Application"), which of this data is processed or retained and the basis for such processing or retention.

If such collection, processing, or retention is not desired then do not engage with the Application in the ways detailed below.

Methods of Data Collection

The Application collects data sent to it through the "Interactions" facilities offered by Discord to allow people ("Users") to utilise the Application's features.

What the Application Receives from Discord

The application receives the following information from Discord when an Interaction is received:

What the Application processes

The Application processes some of the information listed above to fulfil the requests made of it, as follows:

What the Application stores for an extended period

The Application stores all collected data for an extended period of time to assist in development and debugging. This data is shared with Sentry ( to help provide analysis on error rates and performance.

This data is deleted after 30 days.

The data listed below is also shared with Logtail ( for the purposes of analysing command popularity and usage.

This data is deleted after 3 days.

Where this data is stored

The Application runs on infrastructure provided by Digital Ocean.

The /filter command also stores the following information in an in-memory database for up to 15 minutes to facilitate pagination of query results:

Personal Information

No personal information is processed or retained for any length of time. While some Personal Information is received from Discord, it is not used in the provision of the Application's functionality.