Sableye Bot

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Competitive Pokémon Discord Bot. Features accurate data for every Pokémon game from Red and Blue to Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask.


Sableye Bot has a wide range of commands to recall data relevant to competitive Pokémon. For example:

Data Lookup

The /data command allows the user to obtain information on any Move, Item, Ability, Pokemon, or Nature in the game. The gen parameter can be used to look up data from previous generations.

Pokémon Filter

The /filter command offers a wide range of search parameters that allow you to find the perfect Pokémon, including filtering by Type, Ability or Move.

Coverage Checker

The /coverage command allows you to check coverage based either on a Pokémon's STAB or the Types of its attacks.

Weakness Checker

The /weakness command shows you the weaknesses of the Pokémon or types provided.


Where possible, all Slash Commands have Autocomplete enabled to guide you in filling out the parameters so that you aren't left in the dark.


Find a bug while using Sableye Bot? Have a feature request? Open an issue on GitHub!

Contributing / Self-Hosting

See the README in the GitHub repository.


Sableye Bot is licensed under the MIT License, and has publicly available source code.

Terms of Use

See Sableye Bot's Terms of Use.


See Sableye Bot's Privacy Policy.

This bot limits its data collection and retention as much as it reasonably can.